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Our professional expertise has been inspired by our personal experience.

Special Needs Financial Planning


Our special needs financial planners are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING Professionals™ and share a common bond with you: they are parents and siblings of people with special needs.

Our team has been working with families to plan for their future and for the lifelong needs of their family member with a disability for more than 20 years. Having established a home at Affinia, the team is positioned to be there for their client families for the next 20 years.

When planning with you they will talk about the resources you will need, but they understand it takes more than money to build a full life for your family member with a disability. It takes family, friends, and professionals to provide the support and guidance that go along with the resources.

Meet our team, stay informed with our blog, and access our complimentary planning resources at our dedicated website, Special Needs Financial Planning.

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