Taking care of your money is an important personal commitment.

Call upon our skill, knowledge and experience to help make it happen.

What We Offer

When you and your family have important financial and life decisions to make, we will be your go-to for evaluation and advice. Our experience building your plan and investing your money, coupled with our decades of experience, will add a valuable perspective for your consideration.

Our Advisory Relationship

We will begin by getting to know and understand your singular circumstances and create a personalized plan of action to help you move forward toward your goals. We will have regular meetings to catch-up, make updates to your plan, and track your progress and are here to offer guidance when life presents you with a pleasant surprise or an unexpected challenge. Our goal is for you to feel well informed and confident when making decisions about your future.

We are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals and fiduciaries and conduct our business with the highest standard of care, always placing the needs of our clients first. Our approach has two fundamental components: comprehensive financial planning and fiduciary investment management.

Advisory Relationship
Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our process begins with developing a comprehensive financial plan

  • defining your goals,
  • reflecting your current financial position and
  • outlining strategies to work toward achieving your objectives.

Comprehensive Financial Planning may include planning for the goals shown here and other goals pertaining to your unique situation.

  • Retirement
  • College Education
  • Tax optimization
  • Estate and Generational Wealth Transfer
  • Insurance – Life, Long term care
  • Business Succession
  • Asset Protection
  • Philanthropy
  • Special Needs Financial Planning, our nationally recognized specialty practice

Your financial plan is a dynamic document; your thoughts, aspirations, and life circumstances will change over time and your plan will need to reflect these changes.  We are always available to talk and to offer analysis and guidance on financial decisions and review your progress toward your goals.

Fiduciary Investment Management

Affinia’s investment team follows a fiduciary investment management process to create, monitor, and maintain an investment portfolio aligned with the strategies set out in your financial plan.

The investment strategy for your portfolio will be based upon many factors including your individual:

  • Risk and return objectives
  • Distribution and cash flow requirements
  • Investment time horizon

Based upon these and other considerations important to you, the investment strategy would be set and the portfolio invested accordingly across multiple asset classes.

The investment team follows a defined process to monitor and evaluate the portfolios and their holdings on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, as well as continuously assessing current market and economic conditions. Rebalancing will take place to maintain the appropriate asset allocation in each account. In addition, we monitor your portfolio by having regular meetings with you and making adjustments based on your needs, goals, and market conditions.

Fiduciary Investment Management

Whether your situation is simple or complex, we can help.